Star Ocean Anamnesis – Official Gameplay Trailer


Square Enix, together with tri-Ace have recently released the gameplay trailer for their upcoming mobile game, Star Ocean Anamnesis.

From the gameplay video and feedback from some of you who had tried the beta 2 weekends ago, the game does retain most of its original flavour. Graphics are top notch for a mobile game and combat is everything you remember from the original Star Ocean game.

Based on the Beta test, there are some feedback of performance issues with different mobile devices, especially Android. You can check the list here to see if your device supports the game.

There is still no official launch date given by Square Enix yet but I’m guessing a late December to January release. You can still pre-register for the game now and help contribute to the final 500,000 milestone reward which happens to be a 5* Weapon ticket!

Pre-register Here


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