Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits – Pre-registration


Capcom’s latest Street Fighter game will be played on the mobile phone and unlike it’s predecessors, combat will be played through puzzle orbs.

Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits, as the name  suggest, is a puzzle game. Characters in the game are “Chibi-fied” making them look more appealing to the mass.


kbp_SFPS_ryu kbp_SFPS_chunli kbp_SFPS_ken kbp_SFPS_cammy

The game’s plot is simple. One day, the fighter’s soul has been taken away by a mysterious force. Players are suppose to fight through different bosses to uncover the mastermind. The game’s simple. Match 3 colours and create combos to deal high damage to the opponent. Like any Gacha Card games, players can activate the card’s skill to deal a ton of damage to the enemy.



Pre-register for the game now to get a limited edition “haduken”


Pre-register Here


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