Summon Street Fighter Characters in Summoners War Today!


Com2uS’ Summoners War collaboration update with Capcom’s battle fighting game Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now live.

The update will also add new battle content such as a collaboration dungeon called “Fighter’s Dimensional Rift.” Open until Sunday, Oct. 4, this new dungeon found in the Scenario area pits players against bosses such as RYU, KEN, M. BISON, CHUN-LI and DHALSIM. The dungeon can be cleared five times total and rewards  players with  the “Fighter’s Seals” used for receiving game items during the event. If players are up for more challenges, a rival team comprised of RYU, KEN, CHUN-LI and DHALSIM appear in Arena, PvE content until Sunday, Nov. 1. Players can now experience one-on-one battles against legendary Street Fighter characters.

Additional Com2uS’「Street Fighter V: Champion Edition」collaboration event details:

·        The exclusive event running until Sunday, Nov. 1 provides players the chance to obtain collaboration monster 5★ KEN who comes with a 100 percent fire attribute and six Runes (Power-up Lv. 15).

·        Also, through Sunday, Oct. 4, the second event grants players the chance to secure a “Monster Scroll” and earn “Fighter’s Seals” used to acquire five types of collaboration monsters. Collecting 10 stickers of each collaboration monster type rewards  players with the “Street Fighter V Scroll” which summons either RYU, CHUN-LI, M. BISON or DHALSIM with any of the five attributes. Along with collecting stickers for various items, an additional “Street Fighter V Scroll” can be earned if players enter the Fighter’s Dimensional Rift dungeon at least 50 times.

More info on the Summoners War X 「Street Fighter V: Champion Edition」 collaboration update and events can be found at the Summoners War official community:


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