Summoners War – Escape From Cairos Dungeon Event


Here’s an easy event for all you Summoners!




Escape the Cairos Dungeon and claim your reward!
Clear Cairos Dungeon 100 times, overcome the final challenge, and claim your freedom!
From Aug 13th 12am PDT – Aug 25th 8am PDT
1. Clear the Cairos Dungeon!
Event Dungeons: Dragon’s Lair/ Hall of Magic/ Giant’s Keep/ Daily Dungeons of all attributes
– All stages count, so clear any stage of the Dungeons above. Your clears will be counted and displayed at the Event page.
* You can go to the Event page by tapping the Event icon on the upper left side of your village.
– The count will only go up when you clear the dungeon.
– Secret Dungeons do not count for this event.
2. Achieve 20/ 40/ 70/ 100 clears and get rewards!
– Tap the Escape button on the Event page when you achieve 20/ 40/ 70/ 100 clears!
– Rewards will be sent only when you tap the Escape button, which you can claim from your inbox after you’ve restarted the game. Rewards will only be sent once.
3. Clear the Cairos Dungeon 100 times and activate the hidden event!
– Tap the Escape button and claim your reward after you’ve cleared the Dungeon 100 times.
– Open the Event page again and check out the hidden event!
– Only the Dungeons mentioned above count for this event, and the clear count may not be applied on a real-time basis.
– You must tap the button on the Event page to claim your reward, which will be sent to your inbox and can be acquired after you’ve restarted the game.


The rewards for dungeon completion is as follow:

20 – 100 Energy
40 – Mystic Scroll
70 – 100k Mana Stone
100 – 150 Crystals

Once again, please note that Secret Dungeons do not count. SO! what are you waiting for!! go farm those Runes or Essences.





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