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Hello people, here are some of the question I’ve seen from you guys (from different sources) and I hope this FAQ will help solve some of them. I won’t claim that its 100% correct but I’m quite sure it isn’t that far off since I’ve been reading and experimenting extensively.



Qns 1. When is the iOS version releasing?
Ans: According to the official Facebook Page, one of the admins mentioned the release to be this week.

Qns 2. How do I get high rarity monsters?
Ans: Currently, you can get 3* and above monsters through Gacha (crystal summon), mystical scrolls, evolving your monsters and Secret Dungeons.

Qns 3. How do I evolve my monsters?
Ans: You need the main monster you want to evolve to be at max level. You need x-number of folder cards of the same star level as your main. X refers to the number of stars of the monster you want to level. For example, if you want to evolve your 2* monster, you need your 2* monster to be level 20 plus any 2 other 2* monsters (regardless of level) as folder. If you are evolving your 4* monster, your monster needs to be level 30 and 4 other 4* monsters as folder.

Qns 4. Which do I evolve first?
Ans: Naturally, you would want to evolve the monsters with better skills first. Here’s my personal method of prioritizing which monsters to evolve first.
From 3* – 4* : Awaken > Skill > Role > Element
From 4* – 6* : Skill > Role > Element > Awaken

At the start of the game, you want to quickly get as many 4* monsters as you can for easier farming. Monsters that are awakened has better stats and leader skills thus should be your first priority. Later on, when you have a bunch of 4* monsters, that’s where you should start planning what kind of strategy you want to play and the kind of skills your monsters should have. For example, if you prefer a nuking team, you would want to evolve your “Attack” monsters first. If you plan on playing CC for pvp, you should evolve monsters with CC skills first.

Qns 5. Why should I PVP?
Ans: PVP gives you glory points where you are able to exchange for Scrolls, Angelmon, Devilmon and buildings that increases your stats. Most importantly, the higher your PVP ranking, the better your weekly ranking reward which is in the form of crystals.

Qns 6. Why does my PVP points constantly drop?
Ans: Remember to change your team at the Summoner’s Tower, the default team are your early 2* monsters. Oh! remember to build Arcane Towers!!

Qns 7. When is the PVP reset?
Ans: Every Monday 3pm SGT, 2am EST, 1am EDT.

Qns 8. What is Angelmon
Ans: The normal elemental Angelmon is used as a folder for bonus exp. Rainbow Angelmon is used as a free folder card for evolving your monsters.

Qns 9. Which runes do I use?
Ans: When considering which runes to use for your monsters, it is important to note the role and skills of the monsters. If your monster is a support with stun abilities, you would want to give it the Despair set to increase it’s stun rate.
Here’s my list of recommended Runes for FAST LEVELING only:

Monster RolePrimary Runes - 4 PieceSecondary Runes - 2 PiecePrimary stats to look out
AttackFatal rune, Swift runeBlade rune, Focus runeAttack %,
HPFatal rune, Vampire runeEnergy rune, Focus runeHP, Attack %
DefenseVampire runeGuard rune, Energy rune,
Endurance rune (use this 3 if you cannot farm Dragons yet.)
HP, Def, Resistence
Support (Healer)Swift runeEnergy runeHP... HP... and more HP
Support (CC, Buff)Despair rune, Fatal rune, Swift runeFocus rune, Energy rune, Blade runeSpd, Attack%, HP

Qns 10. Where do I farm?
Ans: Unless you need materials for awakening your monsters, it would be better to farm Mt Siz hard mode and above for Fatal runes which will increase your damage output for easier leveling. When your damage is strong enough, farm the higher levels in Giant’s keep for even better runes.



Quick tips:
1. Increase the skills of your monsters by feeding the same type, regardless of element.
2. When using Auto-fight, you can still target whichever monster you want to attack first.
3. AI will attack your monster with the opposing element first and then the monster with lower HP.
4. Keep all your 2* monster to evolve them. The chances of getting a 3* and above can be quite slim unless you’re paying.
5. A monster with a high level skill can defeat monsters with higher star level. Therefore, it is important to level your monster skills too.
6. Fill up your friend slots and send those Friend Points, every Gacha counts!
7. Dark and Light Element monsters have better stats (not sure if the patch today affected this)
8. Open up your Magic Shop’s slot! You can find mystical scrolls and legendary runes in there.

If you have anymore questions about the game, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer them.
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My 2nd failed gacha 🙁


  1. Based on the above table for attack monster role, the primary stats to look for was attack%, hp for slot 3 and 5,

    However by default slot 3 is for defence, i’m now confuse


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