Summoners War: Homunculus Update – Pre-registration


Com2uS has announced that Summoners War will be holding the Secret Summoner Recruitment Event for the new Homunculus update on the 26th! 

The new Homunculus System is one of the main content that a lot of users have been waiting for since the Rift of Worlds update released last year. This update includes the Homunculus System where users can create Monsters of their choice, as well as the Craft System where users will be able to craft various Buildings, such as the Firework Launcher and Rainbow Pond, and Runes. Furthermore, five new Rift Dungeons with upgraded attack patterns will be added with the new update, and the MAX account level will also be increased to Lv. 50.

Pre-register for this update now and get yourself  some Mystical Scroll and Angelmons when the patch goes live!

Pre-register Here


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