Summoners War is 2 Years Old!


First released globally in June 12, 2014, Summoners War is now 2 years old and has amassed over 60 million downloads to date. Over the past two years, Summoners War has consistently occupied top mobile charts and is top grossing in 106 countries on App store and 91 countries on Google Play. To celebrate this joyous event, Com2uS has released a info-graph video on the game.

If you didn’t know, Summoners War was the first mobile game that I’ve created a guide for and I believe the main reason how many of you get to know this humble website is because of it. Recently, I have actually picked up the game again and although still no Nat 5 monsters, my current account is definitely better than the previous.


To celebrate this joyous occasion. there are 3 events being planned for the players. Currently, we are at the start of the second event which is the Puzzle Event.

■ Event Schedule

June 13th 2am – June 26th 8am PDT

■ Event Details

Event 1) Clear the missions and complete the puzzle!

The puzzle pieces will be placed randomly and you will get rewards every time you place a puzzle piece.

The random rewards will come from the following reward pool: Mystical Scroll, 3x Summoning Stone, EXP Booster, Arena Invitation, Energy, Crystal, Mana Stones.

[Mission List]

Clear the Scenario/Dungeon Battle 30 times

Fight the Arena Battle 10 times

Perform Rune Power-up 10 times

Acquire 10 Monsters


Event 2) Complete the puzzle to get the [School of Magic Researcher Ellia]! 

Get [Costume parts] on the 4th/10th/15th/25th/35th Piece of Puzzle placed!

* You must collect all 5 parts to equip the [School of Magic Researcher] costume.


4th Piece: 50 Energy + 50,000 Mana Stones + School of Magic Hat

10th Piece: 100 Crystals + School of Magic Boots

15th Piece: 2 Mystical Scrolls + School of Magic Feather Pen

25th Piece: 150 Crystals + EXP Booster (12hr) + Magic Tome

35th Piece: 1 Scroll of Light & Darkness + School of Magic Cape

For more information on the event, you can check it out here.


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