Summoners War – Secret Dungeon 31/7/2014 – 3/8/2014


Finally a decent monster in the Secret Dungeon


The Heroic Dungeon of 4-Star Monster Rakshasha with Water attribute will be open for 4 days from July 31st 16:00 – Aug 3rd 24:00 (PDT) ! You can collect Summoning Pieces needed to summon a superior Monsters through the Heroic Dungeons.
Clear the Dungeon, gather the Summoning Pieces, and summon a 4-Star Rakshasha with Water attribute! Check below for details!
1) Enter the Heroic Dungeon
– You can find the Heroic Dungeon at the Cairos Dungeons.
2) Clear the Heroic Dungeon
The Heroic Dungeon has a total of 3 stages, and by clearing the stages you can loot the Summoning Pieces for the designated Monster. You may or may not loot a Summoning Piece at the 1st Stage, but you are guaranteed to loot Summoning Pieces at the 2nd and 3rd Stage.
3) Gather the Pieces and Summon!
You need 50 Summoning Pieces to summon a Rakshasha, If you want to check out how many Summoning Pieces you’ve collected, just go to the Summonhenge and tap Summon Monster on the bottom of the Menu. If you’ve collected all 50 Pieces, you will see that a new button will pop up in the Summon Menu.


Based on my experience with the last 4* dungeon, this won’t be easy and average players might spend at least a day to get 1 Rakshasa. Oh well at least we will get lots of Mana Stone through farming her.



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