Summoners War Welcome First Ever Collaboration – Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


Coming next week, Com2uS will be adding Collaboration Monsters based on Capcom’s legendary fighting game Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

The new Collaboration Monsters include renowned characters RYU, KEN, M. BISON, CHUN-LI and DHALSIM who have been fan favorites of the Street Fighter series for the past 30 years. They will be available as new monsters in Summoners War and users can summon them.

Com2uS revealed an image and video of these monsters through the Summoners War official community and social media, announcing the new content and gameplay that will be implemented in Summoners War with the meet up of these two games.

In particular, this new collaboration has not only reinterpreted the characters in the graphic style of Summoners War, but has also reinterpreted the famous special moves and skills such as RYU’s Hadoken, M. BISON’s Psycho Crusher and DHALSIM’s Yoga Sunburst.



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