Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel – Launch Tier List


Bandai Namco has launched Sword Art Online Alicization Rising Steel. I believe Players can now download the game from your local App and Play Store.

For rerolling, it’s the standard procedure. You delete Data from your Settings > App.

Tier List 

  • This tier list is based on the 8 4* units available at launch.
  • You can guarantee summon one 4* unit during tutorial summon.
  • Summon at least another 4* unit using the free gems if not; reroll
Character Skill Strength Score
All-Enveloping Darkness Kirito ABE – Strongest ST attacker with decent speed
– Debuff enemy ATK
– Increase allies DEF
Blooming Rose Eugeo CAH – Good for charging Incarnate 7.5
Osmanthus Knight Alice ABE – Highest ATK
– Strong AOE attacker
– Debuff enemy MATK
– Increase allies MDEF
Merciless Magic Swordsman Leafa HAE – High Speed with decent ATK
– Able to heal
Engraved in Stone Yuuki CAH – Decent ST attacker 7
Fiery Determination Tiese CAE – Buff allies 20% to MATK 7.5
Budding Justice Ronie HAE – Highest MATK
– Healer + Magic attacker
Fierce Flash Asuna CAE – Buff allies 20% to ATK 7.5

*subject to change after I’ve played more

A – Assault
B – Break
C – Charge
E – Enhance
H – Heal


  1. I have the 2 Alices which are 4 stars (one i got from first summon and the other from pre register thing) Do you think I should re-roll?

    • Alice from gacha currently is best unit but consider reroll for at least two 4 star (the free Alice kinda weak because she is tank). Just bind the acc in case you change your mind

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