Sword Art Online: Black Swordsman – Chinese Close Beta Test


9game.cn has recently started the Close Beta Test for their upcoming mobile game Sword Art Online: Black Swordsman (刀剑神域-黑衣剑士). The game has fully authorized IP rights and I believe it’s co-develop by Bandai Namco. This is probably one of the finest mobile game I’ve played from China so YOU have to check it out!

Sword Art Online: Black Swordsman plays a little similar to the recent Valkyrie Anatomia or rather the Valkyrie series where you’ll have to tap on your characters to chain large combo attacks on your enemies.

The general “breeding” part of the game is similar to most Chinese games out there. If you’ve played enough Chinese made games you’ll get the idea. However, for combat, this is definitely something unique. There is a mini exploration mode where you move around and encounter enemies. The only down side is that it serve no purpose at the moment and it’s more like a time-sink. Since this is only the beta phase, I hope they’ll add things like hidden chest for players to find when the game launches.

Graphically, this is easily a triple-A standard. Everything from the UI to the background and character models has the SAO virtual world feeling to it.

Currently,  Sword Art Online: Black Swordsman is in the Close Beta Stage and data will get wiped after the test. If you want to have a feel of the game, you can download the APK file on their official website.

SAO:Black Swordsman Official Site



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