Sword Art Online Memory Defrag – Pre-registration


Bandai Namco has announced the pre-registration event for their upcoming mobile game, Sword Art Online Memory Defrag (ソードアート・オンライン メモリー・デフラグ). The game is slated to release this year so hurry and take part in the milestone event now!

Follow Kirito and his Harem in this new SAO adventure. Relieve many iconic moments from the original story and enjoy some of the newly scripted storylines. From the trailer, SAO MD seems like a 2D, side-scrolling version of White Cat Project. Players can control your characters using one finger and constantly tap the screen to execute combos.

Pre-register for the game now and unlock rewards from the milestone event! I’m pretty sure that last milestone reward will be kind of interesting (Chapter 16.5!).


Pre-register here


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