Tactical Shojo RPG Illusion Connect Has Landed After Smashing 600k Pre-Registrations, Download It Now for Launch Rewards


Illusion Connect has arrived on Android on iOS, and it comes bearing good news. After hitting an impressive 600,000 pre-registrations, the game is launching with a number of events and giveaways. 

A leading example of the shojo subgenre, Illusion Connect sees you recruiting a host of immaculately designed shojo characters called Radiants and pitching them in battle against the evil Nightmares. Combat is fast-paced and highly tactical. 

There are 50 Radiants to recruit, all voiced by superstar vocal artists like Ami Koshimizu (Dead or Alive 6), Maaya Uchida (Fire Emblem Heroes), and Ayane Sakura (Persona 5). Success relies on combining them to create perfectly balanced squads.

But there’s more. Illusion Connect mixes up its real-time strategy gameplay with more chilled out sections in which you hang out at your customizable base getting to know your Radiants. They all come with their own backgrounds, hobbies, and experiences to explore in conversation. 

To reward the huge number of players who lined-up to play Illusion Connect by clicking on that ‘pre-register’ button, developed Superprism is giving away all sorts of loot and goodies through a variety of events. 

For a start, you can get a Newbie Bonus just for creating a character. This gives you ten free pulls, with a guaranteed SSR partner – Nicola, Hotaru, or Frantiva. Three days after that, the Dreamweaver event sees you collecting stage stars and receiving Diamonds for your efforts. 

Logging in for eight days in a row, meanwhile, will net you a trove of Diamonds to spend in-game, along with a “Redhood” skin for Nina to wear, and SSR partner Miyuki. 

Then there’s the Anna’s Gift event, which allows you to clear stages to earn Coins, Diamonds, SSR gears, and partner EXP. 

Journey of Growth is a 7-day event, with an objective every day. Complete those and you’ll automatically upgrade Saya from R to SSR and snag her a nightingale skin into the bargain. 

Finally, the SEED’s Recruitment event awards you Summon Ticket x30 and a Bikini skin for Kasumi for collecting a set number of SR and SSR partners. 

That’s a pretty good haul just for showing up. Head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to download Illusion Connect for free right now. There’s also official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Discord pages for the game.


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