takt op. Symphony Exceeds 2 Million Pre-Registrations, 1 Day until Launch


“takt op. Symphony”, a mobile RPG about classical music, is going to be officially released on 28th June, 2023(UTC+8), in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, and South Korea simultaneously.  Developed by DeNA, the game will be available on Google Play and App Store. Players who are interested in the game can now pre-download the game from your respective stores. 

takt op. Symphony is a sequel to the anime television series “takt op. Destiny” produced by MAPPA and Madhouse. In this game, players will play the role of “the Conductor” who leads the girls “Musicarts” to fight against the monsters called “D2s”.

The story happens in a world where music is abandoned, because music attracts the monsters “D2s” who hate music and therefore attack those who play music. In order to destroy these monsters and restore peace in the world, the girls “Musicarts” obtain their power from various music masterpieces, and they fight against the “D2s” under the instruction of the Conductor. Each Musicart has her own distinctive appearance and unique personality which correspond to the classical music piece that she represents, offering the players a variety of exquisite characters to choose from.

Additionally, this RPG is marked by two features in its game mechanics: puzzle-solving gameplay and team-allocation strategy. The puzzle-solving element requires the players to solve the puzzle by applying fun principles such as “the principle of three primary colors” in order to trigger the door-opening mechanism. As for the strategies in team allocation, players need to carefully select the most suitable characters for defeating various bosses who have different weak points. They also need to arrange the characters’ position in the team according to the characters’ specialization so as to maximize their music power.

As of this post, the game will be launching in just a few hours time so hurry and pre-download the game today!

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