(TGS 2015) Touken Ranbu Pocket – Web to Mobile Port


DMM has earlier announced that they will be porting their very popular web-browser game, Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) onto mobile devices naming it Touken Ranbu Pocket. The game was made available for test play during TGS 2015 and here are some screenshots I’ve managed to pluck from all over the web.

Touken Ranbu is a very famous Japanese web-browser game. Players will assume the role of a Saniwa Sage who travels into the past to defeat evil forces and in turn, try’s to change the course of history. The game is targeted more at the female audiences as players will be able to breath life into famous historical swords and turn them into your very own Husbando warriors.


The Mobile port will be similar to the Web-browser version with little changes to the game play but mainly just optimization for Mobile. In a way, there are lots of quality of life changes to the mobile version such as simpler interface or simpler sorting of inventory.


Touken Ranbu Pocket Official Site


  1. Touken Ranbu is an exceptionally acclaimed Japanese web-program amusement. Players will expect the part of a Saniwa Sage who makes a trip into the past to thrashing abhorrent powers and thusly, attempt’s to change the course of history. The diversion is focused on additional at the female groups of onlookers as players will have the capacity to breath life into acclaimed verifiable swords and transform them into your own special Husbando warriors.


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