The Fellowship of Retimo – Soft Launch (updated APK file)


After just soft-launching Dragon Nest: Labyrinth on the Android store last week, Actoz Games is on a roll, releasing another title (soft launch) on the Android store; The Fellowship of Retimo. If you like Korean-style monster breeding game, you should definitely check this one out.



The Fellowship or Retimo is a turn-based monster breeding RPG game with tons of chibi characters to collect. The art-style is a little similar to Stardust Story where characters and monsters have the cutesy kinda look.

kbp_TFOR_game4 kbp_TFOR_game2


As mentioned above, the game is a Turn-based Monster Breeding RPG game. Players will be challenged with Dungeon-like terrains where paths are covered by the fog-of-war. With limited steps to move before losing your attack power, players will have to strategize your next move, making a choice between getting the treasure chest, or forfeiting the buff next to you. There are also random traps along the way that will debuff your ability to fight at full strength. The game is by far one of the more challenging games out there in terms of the difficulty in tactical gameplay. However, I do feel that the difficulty curve can be a little too steep. After about 4 hours of testing the game, I’m still stuck at user level 6 and character average level of 11.

kbp_TFOR_game3 kbp_TFOR_game5

As the game uses the typical Korean Monster Breeding Mechanic, leveling the character to max level for evolving can actually take up quite a lot of time. There’s also PVP arena and Raids in the game. One thing to note though, the PVP may not be friendly for newer players as it matches opponents based on your rank and not your level. I had to fight level 15+ opponents when I was only at level 4.

Spelling error and Grammar aside, one thing I really like about the game is it’s storyline. The game has a funny (and lame) storyline which got me hooked within the first 5 sentences.

Except for a few bugs and spelling errors, The Fellowship of Retimo is a decent game with tons of things to do. As the game is currently on a soft-launch schedule, I hope Actoz can take this time to kink out all the bugs to prepare for official launch. For those of you who wants to get on to the game now, I’ll leave the APK link below.

Here’s my short gameplay video:

Actoz Games

Android Link
Download APK



    • Hi kong bakpao
      there is an uodate today
      please upload the apk
      or the link to get the update.
      because when i update with 1mobile market. After i press thenicon. It shows nothing just blackscreen. Please help me to upload

  1. can some1 please upload the lates version of the apk, it asks me to update the one i installed 🙁 and i cant

  2. This one is pretty hard to get, couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Most of the soft launchs happens in Canada or Australia, nothing there.
    Actoz is Korean so i try to change my Ip get a Korean IP, nothing there either.
    Since Actoz released Dragon Dragon Nest in SEA, started to check lots of SEA IP, still incompatible.

    Found this new game English game in Filipinas , never heard of that game, gonna test it a little bit.


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