The God of Highschool – Japan Version Out Now!


NC Japan and YD Online has announced the launch of their latest mobile game, The God of High School. Players can now download the game from Japan’s App and Play Store.

The God of High School Mobile game is based on Korea’s popular webtoon, The God of High School. This was one of my favourite webtoons until it became too complicated in recent chapters. Published by YD Online in Korea a year ago, the game had its fare share of grossing success and now it’s finally available in Japan.

With over 200 different characters for players to mix and match, The God of High School Mobile game is a simple Tap RPG similar to games such as SAOCR or Brave Frontier. Follow the epic story of High-Schooler Jin Mo-Ri as he fights his way to become the number one fighter of all high schools.

YD Online


Android Link
iOS Link


  1. hey kong do you know of anyone whose gooing to make a full guide for this app i love it and im addicted downloaded it two days ago and already level 30 i want to play to the full extent but i cant read korean/japanese
    thanks from a long time fan


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