The OutCats Steal 100 million Cans of Cat Food From PONOS and Is Giving Back to Gamers


100 million cans of Cat Food have been stolen from a warehouse operated by PONOS, developer of the hit tower defence title The Battle Cats, the company has revealed in a statement.

The thieves – operating under the banner of The OutCats – have also hacked the studio’s social media accounts, where they posted a ransom video giving their reasons for carrying out the cyberattack. 

The ransom video, which you can watch below, reveals that The OutCats is a criminal enterprise formed by individuals who were rejected by The Battle Cats nine years ago. 

In retaliation for this ousting, The OutCats intend to distribute the contraband among the game’s fans. Every player who logs in will automatically receive 999 cans of Cat Food, courtesy of the mysterious cybercriminals.

PONOS released The Battle Cats for mobile devices in 2014, and since then it has become a major cult hit. At the time of writing, more than 85 million people have downloaded the game worldwide. You can find it on Android and iOS.

The Battle Cats’s gameplay involves commanding a herd of cats as they battle with an assortment of surreal two-dimensional creatures, varying in novelty from squirrels and rabbits to hulking woodland cyborgs.

Over time, players can swell the ranks of their feline armies by recruiting additional cats, each of which has its own unique strengths and abilities. 

Retrieving these cats from their Capsules entails spending Cat Food.

As a result of The OutCats’s illicit giveaway, countless players will now have the opportunity to strengthen their forces and push further into the game’s surreal campaign, armed with a greater range of tactical options and battlefield capabilities. 


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