The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Reroll & Tier List


Who do you reroll for the Global version of 7DS!

I’m writing this before the game’s official launch thus I’m not sure if there are any other shortcut methods for rerolling. For now, let’s stick to reinstalling the game.

Note: You can reroll easily by going to Menu > Player Info > Reset Data

Reroll with BlueStacks

Tier List 

At launch there are 21 SSR characters for you to reroll for but you don’t really need any of them. They removed the most important character from the global launch so just start with any SSR character and save up your gems. For a slight advantage in PVE, just pull for SSR Meliodas. Here are the character’s score based on the Japanese server.

Character Element Score
[The Seven Deadly Sins] Captain Meliodas HP 91
[Liones] Princess Elizabeth HP 88
[Kungfu Master] Fighter Diane STR 84
[Matrona] Fighter Diane SPD 84
Snatch Brawler Ban HP 79
[Outlaw] Brawler Ban SPD 83
[Nunchaku] Adventurer Ban STR 84
[Forest Guardian] King of the Fairy King HP 89
[Protector of Dolls] Old Fart King HP 78
[The Seven Deadly Sins] Old Fart King SPD 78
[Liones’s Hero] Holy Knight Gowther SPD 80
Explosion Guardian Guila STR 79
[Godspeed Knight] Guardian Jericho HP 87
Thunderbolt Guardian Gilthunder STR 85
Tempest Holy Knight Howzer STR 92
[Iron-wall Knight] Guardian Griamore HP 80
Melt Grandmaster Hendrickson SPD 78
[Forest Guardian] Fairy Helbram HP 87
Overpower Hunter Slater SPD 89
[Camlot’s Sword] New King Arthur STR 93
[Fairy King’s Forest] Guardian Elaine HP 85
The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King SPD 98
The Serpent Sin of Envy Holy Knight Diane SPD 89
[Collector] Great Mage Merlin STR 93
The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban HP 93
[Reverse] Guardian Hawk & Elizabeth SPD 88
The Boar Sin of Gluttony Great Mage Merlin HP 97
[The Ten Commandments] Galland of Truth SPD 84
The Goat Sin of Lust Holy Knight Gowther STR 100
[Reincarnation of Revenge] Fairy Helbram STR 94
[The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] Holy Knight Deathpierce HP 86
The Dragon Sin of Wrath Demon Meliodas STR 89
“Sunshine” Holy Knight Escanor HP 96
[The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] Holy Knight Deldry STR 81
[A New Adventure] Princess Elizabeth SPD 83
[Ruler of Monsters] Rimuru Tempest SPD 79
[Tyrant of Destruction] Milim Nava SPD 83
[Kijin] Benimaru STR 80
[Doombringer] Mage Lillia HP 89

Note: HP – Green | SPD – Blue | STR – Red
Note: Highlight in Blue – Unlock from Main Story Quest

Since every character can be upgraded to UR, some of the NatSR characters are better than the SSR characters. Special note: [Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder



Character Element Score
[Boar Hat] Tavern Master Meliodas SPD 79
[Mobile Tavern] Hawk & Elizabeth STR 80
[Mascot] Hawk & Elizabeth HP 80
[Boar Hat] Tavern Hostess Elizabeth STR 82
[Heart of the Land] Mercenary Diane STR 73
[Undead] Prisoner Ban STR 77
[Wanted Man] Young Villager Gowther HP 74
[Rapier] Holy Knight Guila SPD 74
[Adventuerer] Holy Knight Jericho STR 80
[New Generation] Holy Knight Jericho SPD 80
[Chivalrous] Holy Knight Gilthunder HP 92
[Star of the Kingdom] Holy Knight Gilthunder SPD 80
[Liones Royalty] Ranger Howzer HP 70
[Star of the Kingdom] Ranger Howzer SPD 71
[Champion] Ranger Griamore STR 80
[Adventurer] Ranger Griamore SPD 72
[Omen of Chaos] Druid Hendrickson HP 79
[Omen of Chaos] Grandmaster Dreyfus STR 78
Break Grandmaster Dreyfus HP 72
[Roars of Dawn] Captain Slater STR 86
[Weird Fangs] Holy Knight Freesia SPD 76
[Burning Ember] Knight of Danafor Cain HP 79
[Knight of Ice] Holy Knight Gustav HP 86
[Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Weinheidt SPD 81
[Roars of Dawn] Holy Knight Jillian HP 79
[Reincarnation of Obsession] Mage Vivian STR 74
[King of Prophecies] Adventurer Arthur SPD 78
[The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] Holy Knight Dogedo STR 78
[The Pleiades of the Azure Sky] Holy Knight Arden SPD 71


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