The Seven Deadly Sins Patch #2 – The Fox Sin of Greed Ban


Here are the patch notes for week 3!

Meet The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban, who weakens enemies to buff his attacks!

■ [Undying Wish] Pick Up Draw Information
☞ Period: After the 3/17 maintenance – 3/24 (TBD)
☞ Hero Rate Up: The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban

*The Pick Up Bonus Gauge fills separately from [Draw Heroes].
*The Bonus Gauge will reset when Pick Up Draw ends.
*Please note that the bundle to fully awaken The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban to Tier 6 is on sale!

*This chart displays the Basic Stats at UR Lv.60.
*This chart displays the Special Association at UR grade.

Other Notes:

■ Chapter 6.5
– You can acquire rewards for clearing the new locations and story quests.

■ Global Thanks Check-In Event
– Rewards: Diamonds, SSR Evolution Pendants, SSR Treasure Chests, and more!

■ [Collector] Great Mage Merlin Pick Up Draw Ends and she will be added to [Draw Heroes]
– Draw Heroes, Part.1 Guaranteed SSR Hero Draw, Race Draw I

■ New Outfits
– Adventurer Ban’s outfits will be added to the Sacred Treasure Shop.
– Adventurer Ban’s outfits: Weapon, Outfit, Cosmetic

■ Chat feature is unlocked in the West District!
– Enjoy communicating with other Knights in the West District.

■ New Bundles
– SSR The Fox Sin of Greed Adventurer Ban Full Awakening Bundle
– Honor and Scars Holy Knight Set II
– Holy Knight Bundle I (SSR [Godspeed Knight] Guardian Jericho)
– Holy Knight Bundle II (SSR “Thunderbolt” Guardian Gilthunder)

■ A New Coin Shop Hero
– Platinum Shop: The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King has been added for sale permanently!
*The Grizzly Sin of Sloth King the Fairy King’s image is similar to [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King.
Be careful not to confuse them when you make a purchase!
The former is a Speed attribute and the latter is an HP attribute Hero.

■ New Stamp Set
–  Ban Stamp Set (Price: 20 Diamonds)

■ Ending Events and Bundles
– [Endless Desire] Pick Up Draw Event
– [Collector] Great Mage Merlin Full Awakening Bundle
– “Overpower” Hunter Slater Bundle
– [Forest Guardian] King the Fairy King Bundle

■ Other
– The issue where multiple King stamps had the same name has been resolved.


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