Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval Event 1


Alright… I finally forced myself to watch the Anime to understand why this game is so popular and Da*n! I hate myself for not watching the Anime soon enough.

Event One



The game has reached 1 Million Downloads in 2 weeks and Bandai will be rewarding ALL players with a SR Kaneki card.
Here’s a list of all the rewards which you will get by logging into the game during this period:
・強化アイテムR (堅、疾、鋭)×1
・限界突破アイテムR (堅、疾、鋭)×1
・強化アイテムSR (堅、疾、鋭)×2
・限界突破アイテムSR (堅、疾、鋭)×2

Event Two



The battle with Mado. I heard the event is really difficult at the highest difficulty. Complete the Hard Mode to get the SR version of him and stand a chance to get the SR weapon.

Event Three



From now till 3rd of March, there will be 2x drop rate for SR cards and above for the Premium Gacha Machine. I’m so tempted to get Touka and decided to gacha a bit myself.. Check out those.. BAD rolls 🙁


  1. Well the event on hard is impossible to do without SSR gacha’s and gems because in the last stage you get one shotted by most enemies…


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