Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval – out now on iOS and Android


Bandai has just released Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval, fans of the Manga series might want to try out game.


Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval is a simple slingshot game based on the popular Manga/Anime. There are 4 different classes and each has different abilities that when used properly, can defeat the enemies without breaking a sweat. There is an AOE class. A booster class where if touched with another ally before the enemy, it will boost it’s attack. A damage class where if touched with another ally along the way, it will deal friendly fire damage. There’s also a normal slingshot class that does not bounce when it hits the enemy, but deal higher damage then the rest.



What I like about the game is that the characters will react to the environment instead bouncing aimlessly at the border. For example, if there bounce against a container, it will actually do a wall-walk and make a U-turn rather then just bouncing against it (see my gameplay video below). The background houses somehow look pretty realistic to me too.



The game is currently out now on the Japanese Google Play store and itunes. If you’re interested in the game, you can get the APK on QooApp.

Check out my short gameplay video:

If I get more than 50 responds for the game I’ll probably do a translation guide on this:
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Bandai Namco

Android Link
iOS Link



  1. Anyone experiencing this issue as well?. I keep trying to summon a new character using my 5 gems or whatever it’s called. But I keep getting some Code 0 error…. -.-” I just started and can’t even try to get a 3*+ character GREAT WORK

  2. So the game already has its first event which is fighting against Rize and has a chance to drop atleast a R rated card of her.

    I also noticed you can use the kite shaped gems to level up faster by switching tabs in the leveling menu.

  3. I don’t when u r going to translate it but this game is related to its fan. And by this u r only delaying ur app. People who cant understand Japanese language having problem playing it. U should release it soon or else u r just wasting ur time. If u release it first among all others ur app might get more users than other app developers or transalators


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