Tower of Fantasy – Tier List


Created this tier list based on what’s trending on the Chinese server.


Rerolling in this game will take a very long time as you will need to create multiple accounts and playthrough a 20 minutes tutorial. Also, do note that the userid in this game cannot be duplicated.

Tier List

Character Weapon Element Rating Details
Meryl Rosy Edge Ice S – Decent tank, good against Ice mobs
– Decent AOE Damage
Tsubasa Icewind Arrow Ice S – Increase damage upon taking damage
Cocoritter Absolute Zero Ice S – Main Healer for team events
King Scythe of the Crow Fire S – Self-sustainable with HP leech
Shiro Chakram of the Seas Fire SS – Strong AOE Damage
Zero Negating Cube Fire A+ – Good AOE damage but difficult to aim.
Samir Dual EM Stars Lightning SS – Best Range DPS
Huma Molten Shield V2 Fire S – Tank
Crow Thunderblades Lightning SS – Fast Attack Speed
– Good for PvP
Nemesis Venus Lightning S – Support



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