Tower of God – Line Webtoon Turn Mobile Game


Raiz has recently launch a brand new mobile game that is based on Naver’s webtoon, Tower of God. If you’re a fan of webtoons, I’m 99% sure you’ve heard of this title and if you have not, I strongly recommend you start reading it now!

Tower of God is one of the most popular Korean Webtoon alongside Noblesse, The God of High School, The Gamer, Girls of the Wild’s, DICE and many more. If you have not read any of these Webtoons, I strongly suggest you download the Line Webtoon app and start reading them now!

Tower of God Mobile is a side-scroller Action RPG. Players will be able to relieve the moments from the webtoon following Bam and his new friends as they climb up the tower, in search of Rachel who was his only friend before he entered the tower.


The game’s combat is pretty simple where you move your characters left or right with the joystick and tap on the attack button to attack. There are 2 different skill sets in the game. The first skill set is shared by all characters which is tied to your Player level. It’ll be more appropriate to call this your Player Skills. The other set of skills is activated by tapping on the character’s portrait. The skill is unique to each character and it activates similar to the “assist” system you find in Arcade fighting games.  You can do skill combos by tapping the correct character element order as shown on the screen.


Graphically, the game looks very pretty and the character models are very similar to the Webtoon. The only complain I have is that the characters do not have any facial reactions. Between each chapter, there are some cutscenes that are very well done, bringing back some nostalgic memories when I first read the webtoon last year.

Tower of God is currently available in Korea’s Google Play Store. You can get them game through Qooapp. If you’re a fan of the webtoon, you should definitely download the game. If there’s a lot of you who are interested in the game, leave a comment below and I might translate some of the interface.






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