Valiant Knights – Pre-registration


Valiant Knights is a new mobile fantasy game co-developed by CYBIRD and DAZZLE. The game is slated to release later this year and pre-registration event has started.

Valiant Knights uses a 3D background, 2D character art-style. The game supports multi-player co-op with 3 different factions. There isn’t much information about the game yet but from the screenshots, it looks quite awesome. Also, the characters do resemble some Anime characters (SAO?)

kbp_valiant_game1 kbp_valiant_game2 kbp_valiant_game3

Pre-register for the game now and get yourself 5 gems when the game starts. Also, for every additional 10,000 people who register, there will be additional 5 gems. 20 lucky winners will also be selected and given a 5000 Yen top up card.




Pre-register Here


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