War of Crown – Pre-registration


Fans of Strategy RPGs can actively prepare for the upcoming launch of GAMEVIL‘s War of Crown. War of Crown recently finished its second closed beta test, and players can now pre-register to receive 300 Garnets once the game releases worldwide. Users who pre-register through the Google Play Store will receive additional Garnets. Pre-registration will end on 24th April 2017, so hurry and get into Google Play Store now!

Battle monsters, enemy warriors and other players using a plethora of tactical options. Manipulate stunning battlefields and control the action with a mere touch. Form teams out of over a hundred different beautifully designed allies. Various classes, each with different skills and expertise, are available. Unravel the mystery of War of Crown‘s story, participate in synchronous PVP and fight for glory.

I’ve played the beta for a bit and I must say it’s really a pretty good game. If you asked me, I actually prefer this over Fire Emblem Heroes.

Pre-register Here
Android Pre-register Here


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