War Pirates: Heroes of the Sea – Soft Launch and Pre-registration


goGame, a subsidiary of SEGA, has announced that they will be launching the pirate-themed mobile game War Pirates: Heroes of the Sea globally. Players can now download the game and start playing the soft launch!

Previously, the game was soft launched in the Philippines by Sega themselves but was taken down after a few months. Now we know why!


Also known as Sen No Kaizoku (戦の海賊) in Japan, War Pirates is a mix of city building and turn-based navel combat. Collect over 150 different Pirates and build your party with 7 different ship types to challenges over 700 different quests.

Scout Characters

As the all the Pirates belong to different classes and have their unique skill sets, Players will need to mix and match your party to strategically take down your enemies.

Treasure Island

Pre-register for the game now and be rewarded with a 5* Alice Character when the game officially launches.



APK Download (Third Party Link provided by their official FB Page)
iOS Link


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