Warframe – Now Available on the Apple App Store


Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe is now available for iOS Players via the Apple App Store.

Note: Players have to download 10GB of data for the full game. 

Warframe is a Action role-playing third-person shooter multiplayer online game that was released for the PC back in 2013. The Warframe community has been pretty active for the past 11 years with constant updates and new content for Players to challenge.

Before we start talking about the mobile version, I must stress that the game is best played on PC. With that said, the mobile version has its own strength and wider reach of new audiences.


For a decade-old game, the graphics are still looking good on mobile. I’ve tried playing the tutorial and first stage on the highest graphics setting on my iPhone 11 and gameplay was pretty smooth. Some of the maps can be pretty big thus there are still some small pauses when you’re opening doors to a new zone. The battery did get heated up very quickly but was still tolerable. It should be okay if you’re using the new models.


Controls are similar to modern 3rd person shooters where your characters will automatically deal physical attacks when enemies are near or perform range attacks when your crosshair is on the enemy. I’m not sure how complicated it is to control your characters on PC but the mobile version is definitely tuned for mobile play.

To conclude, if you haven’t tried Warframe on PC or console, the mobile version is definitely a good platform to experience the game. Although the game is not available on Android yet, the game does support cross-play across all different platforms, so you can start playing it on your PC or console first!

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