Zenless Zone Zero – Officially Launched


HoYoverse has announced that their latest urban fantasy ARPG Zenless Zone Zero has now officially launched on PS5, PC, iOS & Android for players around the world.

Zenless Zone Zero is HoYoverse’s latest urban fantasy ARPG. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players assume the role of a “Proxy” and explore menacing Hollows, battle enemies, complete commissions, and unravel mysteries behind the last remaining metropolis New Eridu with distinctive characters.

The game has this Persona vibe with an Anime world and character design that is build in a world heavily influence by music.

There is a small town for you to explore but this not a open-world game. Combat is instanced based where you trigger a fight through the exploration mode.

Controls are simple as each character has only 1 active skill and 1 Ultimate skill that takes quite some time to charge. You’ll find yourself mostly smashing the normal attack button, dodge button and the character switch button. That’s not exactly a bad thing as it actually makes the combat more fast-paced.

Rerolling is not advised for the game as it takes too long (~20 minutes). Furthermore, the rate of getting an S character is very low. Here are some Redemption codes that can you help you increase the chances of getting a good character.

  • ZZZ2024 | 50 Polychromes and 6,000 Dennies – this code doesn’t work if you’ve already redeemed ‘ZZZTVCM’
  • ZZZTVCM | 50 Polychromes and 6,000 Dennies – this code doesn’t work if you’ve already redeemed ‘ZZZ2024’
  • ZZZFREE100 | 300 Polychromes, 30,000 Dennies, two Senior Investigator Logs and three W-Engine Energy Modules – expires 11th July 2024
  • ZENLESSGIFT | 50 Polychromes, two Official Investigator Logs, three W-Engine Power Supplies and one Bangboo Algorithm Module
  • ZENLESSLAUNCH | 60 Polychromes and 6,666 Dennies



Android Link
iOS Link


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