The King of Fighters Allstar – Battle Card Overview


At Rank 15, Players will unlock the Battle Card function which are known as Runes or Equipment in other games.

What are Battle Cards?

Battle Cards are like equipment that you can equip onto your characters to make them stronger. There are 7 Battle Card slots that you can fill and each of them have different functions.

Types of Battle Cards

Type Effect
Special Unlock Special Skill when equipped on specified character.
Set Equip 3 cards from the same Set to unlock Set skill
Option Boost character Stats
Material Level up or Evolve Battle Card


Special Battle Cards

Special Battle Cards allow characters to use their Special Skill when equipped on the correct Character. Special Cards have the Purple marking on the top left of the card. They are the most difficult to obtain as they are only available at 5 star rarity.

Set Battle Cards

Set Cards are depicted by the Yellow marking on the top left of the card. Besides providing your character with Stats boost, it will also unlock a special Set Bonus when you equip the 3 different Set Cards of the same family. Take note of the bottom right icons.

Option Battle Cards

Option Cards boost character stats and provide some Option Skill to your characters. It is depicted with the Green marking on the top left.

Base Rarity Number of Option Skill
1 0
2 0
3 1
4 2
5 2(or3)


Option Cards range from 1 – 5 Star rarity. You can raise the stats on the Option Skill by leveling the card. Cards with 3 Options are usually character specific. Evolving the card will not give you extra Option Skill. Option Skill can be level up. See chart below.



Material Card

Material Card are depicted by the Grey marking on the Top left. Material Cards are use to Level up your cards or Evolving them to the next star level.

Evolving cards require you to first max level the existing card. After evolving, the card will gain 1 star rarity and go back to level 1.

Leveling the Option Skill 

Option Skills can be leveled up with a certain probability. Feeding the same card will always be 100% success rate leveling your Option Skill. However, you cannot level up your Option Skill with Level-up Material Cards.

The chart below is to level up the Option Skill of a 5* Rarity Card, with 100% success rate. For example, in order to level the Option Skill of a Set Battle Card, you will need to feed a 4star Set card with Lv3 Option Skill or, a 4star Option card with Lv4 Option Skill.

Level Up Same Card Type Diff Card Type
Lv1→2 ☆4(Slv3)×1 ☆4(Slv4)×1
Lv2→3 ☆4(Slv4)×1 ☆4(Slv5)×1
Lv3→4 ☆4(Slv5)×1
Lv4→5 ☆4(Slv7)×1 ☆4(Slv8)×1
Lv5→6 ☆4(Slv9)×1
Lv6→7 ☆4(Slv10)×1
Lv7→8 ☆4(Slv10)×1
Lv8→9 ☆4(Slv10)×2
Lv9→10 ☆4(Slv10)×2



Feed Card Success Rate
5* card of the same copy x 1 100%
5* card of same type x 1
100% (will decrease as level go higher)
5* card of different type x 1 83.30%
4* card of same type x 3 88.50%
4* card of different type x 3 73.80%
4* card lv3 skill same type x 1 100%
4* card lv3 skill different type x 1 86.70%


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