The King of Fighters Allstar Guide – Strengthening Fighters


All you need to know to increase the Combat Power of your Fighters!

Most Hero Collection games has 2-4 different ways to increase the Combat Power of your Fighters. In KOF Allstar, there are 5 main and 4 sub ways to increase the strength of your Fighter.

1. Level up 

Leveling your Fighter is the most basic way to strengthen them. Leveling increases your Stats and unlocks the number of Cores that you can unlock. Currently, the maximum level for each Fighter is at 90.

There are 2 ways to increase level, one is by bringing your Fighters to battle while the other way is to feed them with Power Up materials.

2. Evolve

Players can evolve your Fighters to increase the star rarity of your Fighter. Evolution increases your Fighter’s Stats and Leader Buff.

3. Limit Break

The maximum level for a 6* Fighter is 60. However, you can further increase the Maximum level by Limit Breaking them. In order to do so, you will need to spend Gold and another currency called Souls.

Level Required Souls Total Required
61 – 70 10 souls per level 100
71-80 20 souls per level 200
81-90 30 souls per level 300

There are 4 different types of Souls where you can stack them together to Limit Break your Fighter .

Types of Soul Where to get
Specific Char Soul Dupe Fighter
Soul Quest (3 times a day free)
Advent Dungeon (rotates weekly)
Story mode (certain Fighters)
Exchange Shop
Secret Shop
KOF Soul Event Reward
Color Soul Advent Dungeon (rotates weekly)
Event Reward
Rainbow Soul Event Reward


4. Core

Cores are like skill trees in other games. You can unlock your first Special Skill from the Core tree and level your other skills to increase their damage. Also, other than your basic stats, you can also increase your secondary stats such as Crit rate, Crit Dmg and Pen Rate. There are also other special stats such as Cooldown reduction, burn duration and even Combo duration.

5. Equip

Equip can be unlocked at Player Rank 15. This is the place where you can equip Battle cards that will boost your stats and also acquire another Special Skill. For more detailed information on Battle Cards, please read this guide.

6, 7, 8 – Leader Skill, Fighter Link, Team Relation

The above stat boost will only take place depending on your Team Formation.

Leader Skill

The first Fighter in your party will always be the leader and will be able to activate his/her leader skill during battle. Each Fighter have their own unique Leader skill. Depending on your team’s setup, you will need to change your Leaders often to make use of the benefits. With that said, Shermie has one of the better leader skill as she allows all your team member to increase ATK by 60%. However, your Fighter’s HP must be 70% or more to activate the buff.

Fighter Link

In party formation, you can equip a Striker to 1 of your 3 main Fighters. A small percentage of the Striker’s stats will be added onto your main Fighter’s stats. So a high level Striker is beneficial to your team.

Additionally, each Fighter has a special relationship with another Fighter(s). If you use them as your Striker, you can unlock Relation Effect that can further boost their fighting capabilities.

Tip: There is a “Link” symbol on the top right if your Fighter matches the relation. 

Team Relation

Team relations are small Stat boost given depending on your Team members (not including Strikers). Examples of Team Relation:

Name Requirement Effect
Male Team Form a team with male fighters only HP +1%
Female Team Form a team with famales fighters only HP +1%
’94 Team Form a team with ’94 fighters only HP +3%
’95 Team Form a team with ’95 fighters only HP +3%
’96 Team Form a team with ’96 fighters only HP +3%
’97 Team Form a team with ’97 fighters only HP +3%
’98 Team Form a team with ’98 fighters only HP +3%
Japan Form a team with Japanese fighters only HP +5%
Italy Form a team with Italian fighters only HP +5%
Korea Form a team with Korean fighters only HP +5%
Mexico Form a team with Mexican fighters only HP +5%
England Form a team with British fighters only HP +5%
Brazil Form a team with Brazilian fighters only HP +5%
China Form a team with Chinese fighters only HP +5%
U.S.A Form a team with American fighters only HP +5%
Nationality Unknown Form a team with fighters whose nationality is unknown HP +5%
Boss Team Form a team with Boss fighters only HP +5%
All Star Team Form a team with All Star fighters only HP +5%
Sweden Form a team with Swedish fighters only HP +5%
Germany Form a team with German fighters only HP +5%
France Form a team with French fighters only HP +5%
Australia Form a team with Australian fighters only HP +5%
Halloween Form a team with Halloween fighters only HP +5%
Happy Holidays Form a team with Winter Holiday fighters only HP +5%
New Year’s Form a team with New Year’s fighters only HP +5%
Valentine Form a team with Valentine fighters only HP +5%
Cherry Blossom Form a team with Cherry Blossom event fighters only Def and Pen +5%
Shermie Approved Handsome Team Form a team with Shermie Approved fighters only
ATK +7% when HP > 80%
Villain Confirmed Team Form a team with Villain Confirmed fighters only
Heal 2% HP per defeated enemy
Genius Team Form a team with Genius fighters only 2% Power / 5 sec
Hard Working Team Form a team with Hard Working fighters only
Leveraged DMG + 7%
Justice Team Form a team with Justice fighters only
Leveraged DMG + 5%
Leveraged DMG recv -5%
Weapon Master Team Form a team with fighters that uses weapons
Heal 2% HP per defeated enemy
NESTS Form a team with NESTS fighters only Crit Dmg + 8%
Orochi Team Form a team with Orochi fighters only
Recover 1% Power per defeated enemy


9. Codex

Each time you collect a new Fighter, Battle card or Portrait, you will unlock small stat boost to all of your Fighters. So the more you fill up your Codex, the more boost you will get.

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